Medial Pivot “Saiph” Knee. Two year results. Australian Orthopaedic Association Conference, 2016

Explaining the concept of Anterior Offset in Hip Replacement. Australian Orthopaedic Association Conference, 2016.

Ceramic hip replacement. Results at 15 years for patients under 55. Australian Orthopaedic Association Conference, 2016.


The Influence of implant design on sagittal stability of total knee replacement.

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Pelvic tilt increases significantly in the ready-to-rise position after total hip arthroplasty.

Australian Orthopaedic Association Annual Scientific Meeting. Brisbane, October 2015. One third of patients (15/44) had greater than 10deg increase in pelvic tilt after hip replacement. Mean increase in pelvic tilt was 19deg which is equivalent to 13deg decrease in cup ante version. This questions the value of a preoperative plan based on the preoperative pelvic tilt.

Late Dislocations after hip replacement: Is the bearing a factor

Australian Orthopaedic Association, annual scientific meeting.